EXOPC tablet PC Accessories
(and other compatible tablet PC devices)

Here you will find all manor of accessories for your EXOPC also known as js-TAB, Mobi-One, bModo Slate, Ciara Vibe, WeTab, M&A Slate Zoostorm SL8 and Leader Slate.

EXOPC slate tablet PC

If you have an EXOPC you'll need accessories for it. On this site you can purchase all manor of things from a Dock (docking station) which not only acts as a stand for your slate PC but also charges it and give you extra USB ports as it's a port replicator too - to a capacitive stylus to a protective leather case/folio with integrated USB keyboard as well as leather accessories for tablet pc.

EXOPC's are also known by other names such as; Ciara Vibe, bModo Slate, WeTab, Leader slate, Mobi-one. All are compatible with the accessories you'll find here on the site.